Jolene Ng Jia Ying

Jolene finds joy in enhancing user experiences through design. She believes that the combination of an iterative process and effective communication is vital to every project. She continuously seeks new experiences, believing that every moment is an opportunity to broaden her perspective. In particular, Jolene enjoys visual programming and 3D modelling.


3D printing lattice structures with a flexible material allows Halo to be a new type of protective head wear that is both lightweight and permeable. It is supported by an application that quickly generates files for printing using photogrammetry to ascertain necessary measurements.


Klare is a faucet mounted filter system designed for the Singaporean market. The design approach of leaving only the essential allows for an unobtrusive form that can be seamlessly integrated. A redesigned core filter maintains the efficiency of Suntar’s filtration technology while the simplicity of the filter structure and mechanism induces convenient installation and maintenance; and after all, enhances the user experience of accessing clean drinking water.
Designed with Marcus Kho


Aether is a project developed in the theme of Space, Light, and Interaction, guided by Patrick Chia and Yuta Nakayama from the Design Incubation Centre. It is an experiment to empower people to control sources of energy in a projected space. Different actions were read by a kinect sensor, resulting in changing behavior by the projected light particles.

Designed with Him Nam and Cheng Jun Hoe