Iris Tan Ai Li

Iris is an aspiring designer with a particular fascination with material exploration. She enjoys the freedom it affords and the challenge of existing boundaries. Coupled with her keen appreciation for good craftsmanship, she hopes to knit the two together in perfect harmony. She firmly believes in taking a user-centric approach, reflected clearly in her user interface and experience design.


Ruche is a leather garment, made entirely from leather scraps, bound together by a radial interlocking tabs technique. It celebrates the potential of material scraps and maneuvers the fine line between sculptural exploration and functional pragmatism. Ruché‘s beauty lies in its simplicity and singularity: a single module, a single technique, a single material.


Financial matters take on a more pivotal role the moment one becomes a young working adult —specifically, managing both personal and family-oriented finances. Family3 is a new feature on the ibanking platform that aims to help you manage them efficiently. Adding family members into your financing circle, creating and growing joint financial jars (savings, spending, insurance , investment) with them is one key feature of Family3. Banks can also tap into newly created relationship links to promote relevant financial products. Ultimately, Family3 aims to be the solution to your family-oriented woes throughout the various stages of your life.
In Collaboration with OCBC
Designed By Iris Tan Ai Li, Wilmer Tay and Chia Yong Qing

Ministry of Manpower Service Design

This service design project was a collaboration with Ministry of Manpower (Singapore), where we were tasked to streamline the customer service center. Through our in-depth research, my team focuses on the Immigrant workers, which formed the majority of customers heading down to the service center whenever they face any work-related issues. Our concept was to resolve the two-way communication break-down between staff and workers. This is done by “bringing MOM to the workers”, where we introduce an e-kiosk that is translated into their own Mother Tongue. Also, at the service center itself, a communication toolkit was designed to facilitate the appointments and allow the staff and workers to better communicate with each other.

In Collaboration with Ministry of Manpower
Designed By Iris Tan Ai Li, Iliana Ishak and Chew Jiaying