Gloria Ong

Gloria enjoys people watching. Not because she has stalker tendencies, but because of how much a person can reveal through their actions and interactions.She also believes that good design comes from noticing needs, a valuable skill honed through a lot of practice.


Percy is an electronic instrument that taps on the intuitiveness of percussion playing to encourage physical activity in elderly with dementia. Body movements are tracked by a motion sensor and a range of percussion sounds is produced in response, gently nudging such elderly to be more active.
In collaboration with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Shadow Play!

Shadow Play! is an interactive display inspired by children’s imaginative play of shadow casting. The play experience is amplified and enhanced through digital means, as children can use their body movements to move their shadow animals and trigger sounds. At the end, the animal can be customised according to the child’s liking and released into a virtual environment to roam.
In collaboration with Keio­NUS CUTE Centre
Designed with Audrey Chua and Fiona Tan


Tubacca is a series of electronic modular building blocks designed to be connected in any way and any orientation, encouraging creativity and exploration in play. The tube-shaped modules cover various functions – battery modules, connector modules, motorised wheel modules, or terminal end modules. Magnets are incorporated to connect the modules both physically and electronically.