Genevieve Low

Genevieve is believes design should be used as a tool to help improve the lives of people. She specialises in medical systems and instruments for prevention, intervention and rehabilitation. She takes interest in the application of design in different disciplines for the creation of new solutions.


Melo is a chair designed for families with autistic children to pre-empt meltdowns. It provides a safe retreat for them when they are feeling anxious, with the provision of various enjoyable activities such as rocking and spinning..
In collaboration with MINDS


EpiStack is an Episdural Anaesthesia Training Kit designed for anaesthesia trainees. It is a modular simulator with interchangeable layers for different scenarios to increase the trainees’ repertoire of knowledge. Each layer is also designed with enhanced realism and tactility to increase the trainees’ sensitivity and reduce chances of error. Overall, Epistack provide trainees with a more realistic training stimulation, bridging the knowledge gap between textbook and actual procedure.
In Collaboration with NUHS: Department of Anaesthesia
Design with Lim Zhiying and Kok Huabin


In today's working environment, there is an uprising trend of shrinking workspaces and the desire to incorporate nature with indoor offices. U-Mush is a series of outdoor furniture that provides sufficient personal space, while forming a collaborative environment through various configurations. The U-tables cater to users who seek outdoor places for temporary work, while providing shelter. Mush is a table-and-chair furniture that comes in two different heights, allowing users to freely interpret the space as they wish.

In Collaboration with Studio Juju
Designed with Ivan Chiok and Eddy Tan