Esther Lim Wen Xi

Esther aspires to create objects that bring a new perspective and understanding of what they mean to people. Living life with a sense of wonder, Esther hopes to share these thoughts and feelings to inspire those around her; to take a moment to stop, think and revel in the small joys of the world around us.

New Nature

A system of interactive interlinked panels that move in a natural way, inspired by the mimosa plant, serving as a new way to experience semi-privacy and to set an ambience in an urban setting. Placed in lounges and resting areas, one can choose to selectively open and close certain areas according to one’s privacy needs.

A souvenir is Disappearing Gratification.

People collect souvenirs in an attempt to preserve fleeting memories in the form of tangible objects. Yet, the emotional value of mass-produced souvenirs, ironically, is not as unwavering as the long-lasting materials they are made of (usually metal or plastic). Made of water-soluble PVA plastic, this Merlion miniature can be dissolved once it loses its novelty value, circumventing the accumulation of junk souvenirs. What remains is a token that represents the essence of a mass-produced souvenir: for economic gains, and as proof of one’s visit to a place.

Fruit Prints

Nature surprises us by the beauty and variety of forms that exist within it. Yet, current natural dyeing techniques tend to involve the extraction of pigments from fruits into a formless solution used for dyeing. This project thus aims to acknowledge the source of natural dyes by creating natural prints that bring association to the unique forms of the fruits used, in this case blueberries and star fruits, through the direct transfer of pigments from pre-treated fruits to create one-of-a-kind printed scarves.