Dyllis Teo

Dyllis sees design as a language, particularly drawn to communicative and discursive design that explores the nuances that makes us human. She often finds herself transfixed by traditional crafts and greatly intrigued by their rejection of modern technology and strength in preservation. Mostly, a maker and experimenter at heart, a collector of many things and a cat lady in denial.

Paws in Favour

A central, online platform that introduces a new branch of fostering. Paws in Favour looks to take the intimidating edge off the screening process while emphasing the importance of compatibility between the 2 and 4-legged. On the back end, it facilitates effective and efficient data imputation and retrieval for shelters and rescue groups.

An urn is me.

我 is a set of 8 human bone china rice bowls, made out of soft-paste porcelain clay with bone ash from the entirety of the deceased. The unique mineral composition from the ashes gives it its characteristic whiteness and translucency, as well as a high level of mechanical strength. 我 marries the rich symbolism of rice in Asian culture with the pragmatism of bowls as a ritual of daily remembrance for the departed. It redefines what an urn can be, pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable and questions why the boundaries are even there in the first place.
In collaboration with Nirvana Memorial Garden
Designed with Yang Ran