Chia Guo Xiang

Guo Xiang’s main area of interest lies in design for public value, including public services, processes as well as healthcare. He enjoys taking apart complex processes and systems to identify possible areas where design can be applied to improve experiences for end users, and also to help organisations and stakeholders achieve their intended outcomes.


B-MAT is a product service system consisting of a smart mat and an application that aims to help seniors track and monitor their gradual decline in balance. It also recommends timely interventions that can link seniors up with the community or healthcare professional to effectively prevent falls.


L’Oreal Luxe’s exhibition space for TFWA 2015 incorporates architectural elements such as layering and framing with an asymmetrical floor plan to surprise visitors when they navigate through every corner within the exhibition space.
In collaboration with L’Oreal Luxe
Designed with Alvin Tan and Illiana Ishak