Bae Soo Kyung

Soo Kyung is a South Korean industrial design student based in Singapore. Her beliefs are strongly expressed in her works, giving each a voice. She also views users’ needs as not merely to be met but honoured.

Thigh Gap Jewellry

Thigh Gap Jewellery is a discursive design project that addresses the thigh gap trend, which pressurizes women to have a gap between their thighs. The design outcome consists of a fictional online store with near-outrageous jewellery pieces as a medium that bring a provocative jolt that leads us to reflect on the unattainable body ideals as popularized by the media.


Tabaoware is a compact container for Asian nuclear families, who 打包 (da bao: take away) food daily. It helps to retain the taste of takeaway food. Compartments that strain and separate are especially useful for preventing sogginess of noodles.
In collaboration with Tupperware
Designed with Christabel Goh, Magdelene Huang, and Yitian Mao


Pipe is an interactive installation that users can control each pipe’s linear movement, light and sound. When users hover their hand above a pipe, it detects the change in light and responds by moving upwards and producing a sound. The eight pipes represent the universal eight notes; also, each pipe can be programmed with different sound that engages and intrigues the users. Users become composers conducting the row of pipes to create their own musical score.