Au Hui Ying

Hui Ying feels that a designer is about being a keen observer of the small and mundane happenings of everyday life, and making the right connections to create better experiences through products. Her interest lie mainly in exploring materiality and creating objects that bring out the curiosity in people.


Rethinking the way we use everyday objects, ADPT features a series of adaptors that transform everyday objects around our home into temporarily functioning organization tools, namely - a surface, hook, bar. It questions the need for new products by creating the possibility of adapting old ones for new functions.


A marry of the Art and Science. Chromatography is traditionally used as a scientific technique to separate dye pigments. Through experimentation with the techniques of chromatography and wax dipping, a uniquely vibrant and psychedelic composition is formed.
During the process, beautiful gradients of branch-like patterns slowly emerge, mimicking the growth of nature as the ink diffuses upwards and seeps into the cracks between the wax. The result is a psychedelic piece embodying the growth-like characteristic of chromatography.


Hanabi is an interactive light installation that captures the mesmerising and immersive experience of watching fireworks. This is combined with an audio input, inspired by relatable and engaging experience of talking to the fan as a child. The project encourages self expressive, as the audience project their voices and watch with wonderment as the light responds with bursts of pattern display.

Designed with Lee Xu Xun and Brandon Cheng