Abel Fam Xin-Cheng

Abel possess an inquisitive spirit and loves exploring how things can be done or made differently. This sometimes means immersing himself in nature to gain inspiration from Creation as he believes that nothing in it has been designed in vain. Abel hopes to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc.


GR-ID is a frame scaffold system that seeks to reduce scaffold related fall-from- height accidents. It does this through, first, a redesigned scaffold frame that has its holding position situated near the frame’s centre of gravity; this improves postural stability while carrying it. And second, the system’s accompanying snap hook’s ability to glide across its joint- guardrail intersections, simplifies and streamlines the 100% tie-off process.


New medical practice encourages patients who have undergone an internal fixation of a fractured wrist to adopt early mobilisation to speed up the recovery process. However, hand splints in the market are still being designed to immobilise the wrist despite this shift in practice. Nimble bridges this gap as its semi-rigid structure affords wrist movement and also a passive rebound to the wrist’s functional position when the user relaxes.
In Collaboration with NUH
Designed with Yeo Hui Ci and Wilson Teo Weixiang