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Lim Zi Jie

(+65) 96380202


To me, design is putting ideas to become practical and attractive for users. I believe that a good design is useful. It is not just about new innovations but design is about understanding the needs of the user and making a product or service more functional and effective.

Project 1 - STAK
Project 2 - Valery
In collaboration with World Kitchen Designed in collaboration with World Kitchen, Valery is a cookware design inspired by nature. Imbued with the natural pattern of a Voronoi, the cookware is designed to achieve better heat distribution efficiency through a voronoi patterned of heat distribution. Healthier cooking methods, such as boiling, broiling and braising, producing dishes of robust flavours are possible despite cooking with lower heat due to better heat distribution.
Project 3 - Aeri Milk Frother
Aeri is a handheld milk frother device designed with the social context of frother usage in mind. The result is a milk frother that is welcoming in reach, while expediting a non-awkward means of passing it around. Its elegant appearance further makes for an alluring display in a social gathering event.
Project 4 - Trismax
Trismax is a medical device designed for a mouth opening occupational therapy which aids a Trismus Patient in achieving gradual recovery of mouth opening. Trismus is a medical oral condition whereby the tightening of jaw muscle results in the patient's limited mouth opening. Trismax, a mouth opening device which is smaller would offer better portability and convenience in allowing patients to exercise the jaw muscle more frequently,thereby reducing the social stigma of public usage.
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