OPENING NIGHT 22 May 2015, 1830 to 2100HRS ( By Invitation Only) EXHIBITION 23 May - 30 May, 0900 to 2100HRS 31 May, 0900 to 1300HRS VENUE National Design Centre,111 Middle Rd


Tan Yong Kuan

(+65) 92263955

Design is a careful thought process that takes the stakeholders, the cost, and the consequences in consideration. My goal as a designer is to create sustainable designs that make the world a more pleasurable place to live in.


Project 1 - Collumate
Thesis Collumate is an active postural tracking system that aids users in maintaining a good working posture in front of the computer. Through the use of an infrared depth-mapping camera, Collumate offers real-time dynamic tracking of the user’s posture, with alert functions to inform the user of poor posture or to take a short rest. The application provides advice on improving posture, and collects data that can be used by medical professionals for patient analysis.
Project 2 - Spin
Group Project with Yann de Gaetano Spin is a portable and low-cost water filtration system that is adaptable, durable and easy to repair. Harnessing centrifuegal forces to accelerate the filtration process, Spin provides safe drinking water regardless of weather conditions. Using low-cost nanosilver-embedded paper filters, the lifespan of the filter material is longer than conventional filters without compromising water safety. Spin is designed to utilise local industry resources in Qinghai, China for manufacture, and make clean water convenient and accessible to the nomadic communities in the region.
Project 3 - Uon lights