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Ng Wenxin

(+65) 92989277

What drives me to the path of design is its endless possibilities, never with an answer. It is subjective, but never unappreciated by none. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and it applies to design. I believe design is created to aid, one way or another, physically or emotionally.

Project 1 - Lline
Thesist Lline stems from personal space and territorial issues at the library, such as: people’s belongings spilling into your table surface territory, the running of wires across table surfaces and the hogging of sockets at the shared workspace. Lline induces subtle subconscious behaviour in users to keep their belongings within one’s space with a subtle depression detail of only 8mm at its deepest. This detail reminds and preserves one’s personal territory yet still providing them with the freedom of space. Individual sockets with plug wires facing upright are placed on the hollow table legs to assure a personal workspace at a shared work area.
Project 2 - The City Bus Shelter
Group Project with Yew Jing Yuan
A bus shelter designed to improve human circulation and provide a comfortable waiting experience at the bus stop in the rainy city of monsoon seasons, Singapore. Done through the segregation of space through different forms of water barriers, by using the roof and the material of the waiting area, it provides personal space and better circulation, and at the same time exudes the beauty of rain, subtly encouraging a positive perception of rain instead of it being ‘the gloomy weather’.
Project 3 - Wea've Joined
Group Project withJ amie Yeo & Francesca Yu Wea’ve Joined is a set of home furniture consisting of a 2-legged tall shelf, 3-legged coat stand and a 4-legged side table. It is started on the basis of the interest of the relationship between skin and bones. Further explored through the interaction between bones and cartilages, we weaved the elements together with tension in the ropes, providing the furniture with both flexibility and stability through soft joints.
Project 4 - Life to Hawker Bagasse
Group Project with Leon Laskowski & Assyaraf Johari Sugarcane is most commonly found in hawker centres, bringing Singapore’s uniqueness. Bagasse is the waste product after they have been squeezed dry for juice, and these bagasse are packed to be disposed away. This project targets on sustainability by introducing a tool and a process for the hawkers to create their own plates from abundant readily found bagasse in their comfort community, together with their present kitchen tools.
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