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Kayleb Goh Wei Siang

(+65) 9489 4548

What interests me is the merger of new technologies and design. I see myself pushing the boundaries of possibility and imagination in search of new creations. I believe that design should be a fun road to discovery of our own creative capabilities as well as strengths.


Project 1 - Woiv Panel
Thesis Woiv Panel is an interactive wall mounted display piece that reacts to users’ hand movements and positions to create a pattern of waves on its display surface. The slow movements of the points on the surface are reminiscent of pebbles moving along a calm water surface, creating a calming and soothing visual effect.
Project 2 - Bleap
Bleap is a project that translates hand positions over a leap sensor to triggering audio files on processing. Processing then sends this information to arduino controllers to control LEDs as a display to feedback hand positions over x and y-axis as well as the audio output of the audio files triggered. The completed project aims to provide audio and visual experiences that are animated by user input in the form of hand positions and/or gestures.
Project 3 - Red Dot
Group Project with Assyaraf Johari & Lai Jing Yi
In collaboration with Red Dot Design Museum A project in re-thinking a design museum with a conceptual design, with emphasis on a well differentiated design concept, well integrated user experience and design aesthetics appropriate for a design museum. Further considerations were taken to ensure commercial viability as well as well as technological and economical feasibility, such as the transformative space for exhibit areas for multipurpose use to generate revenue.
Project 4 - TCM service design
Group Project with Shin Yiseul
In collaboration with Eu Yan Sang To reduce congestion at MOM Services Centre, we introduced an e-kiosk concept that aims to enable pre-screening, resolve general enquiries and allow users to print out important documents before heading down to the services centre. This was designed specially to assist Foreign Workers (who make up the bulk of visitors to the MOMSC). Also, to further aid the efficiency of the services at the centre, we developed a communication toolkit targeted specifically at increasing the efficiency of the appointment process.
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