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Chen Shiyu

(+65) 91712226


Design to me, is a hands-on subject. It is through really understanding the topic that I am able to find new possibilities.

I am a designer who believes in the power of making. Working with tools and doing handicrafts interest me, and through these I gain inspiration for creation. I like trying new things and exploring the different spectrum of design. Materializing design through skillful making is not enough, I also strive to design things that generate curiosity, ignite passion and ultimately create delights and joy.

Project 1 - Priceous
Thesis Priceous is a series of rice delicacies designed to be exquisite, fragile and precious. It redefines rice crackers with a touch of tradition, made by pushing the boundaries of the material properties of rice and redesigning the traditional techniques of making. As a pursuit to amplify the value and eating experience of something that is often seen as cheap and neglected, this series creates a struggle for the audience- they are too beautiful and elegant to be eaten, but they are food meant to be eaten.
Project 2 - Jing
Group Project with Dyllis Teo A set of candles that challenges the traditional definition of candles, without adding or subtracting from its bare components. The blurred outline of the wooden wicks adds a graphical interest to the translucent wax and also alters the way the candles burn. The hypnotic quality of the flames consuming the wax, enthrals the audience with its beauty, however fleeting.
As beautiful as they are to look at, candles are meant to be burnt. It is only then, do viewers see how differently they burn, and appreciate that beauty in ephemerality.
Project 3 - Creame
Group Project with Lee Xu Ying, Tay Tze Yu &Jacqueline Lau Crèame is a frother designed especially for children for them to learn and create real food. The process of self-discovery is made possible by assuring the child with a safe tool to use at home, thus bring out the inner chief of each child with competence and confidence.
Project 3 - Nuance&Company
Group Project with Dyllis Teo & Weng Yixiang Nuance and Company, a system that combines sensor technology with the aromatherapy designed to enhance sleep quality for the elderly. No active effort is required from the user, when Company is placed next to the pillow, it silently tracks user’s movements and transmits data wirelessly to activate Nuance when the tracking indicates the user is prone to be awaken.
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