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Rachel Goh

(+65) 9126 8747


I see design as something that is intrinsically human. Every element of a design reflects a human sensibility and emotion. In our pursuit of design, it becomes an extension of ourselves, becoming an expression of our emotion and coming alive. It can be said that through emotions, design gains life.


I believe that we emote expressively through design and that our work is a reflection of not just ourselves as designers, but ourselves as humans. I hope to create designs that not only speak to our practical and aesthetic sense, but also to our hearts.

Project 1 - Dear Dia
Thesis Dear dia. is a journal application that becomes a means of communicating emotions and frustrations when it is difficult to express them. It is a new kind of diary experience that everyone can use, utilising therapeutic elements of narrative and music to create an immersive outlet for emotional release.
Project 2 - Qrl
Group Project with Rachel Wong Shue Ting
In collaboration with Studio Juju Being inspired by the form and the reaction of the skin as the underlying structure moves, Qrl takes its form as a family of items; thread nippers, tweezers and ice tongs, which convey a visual expression of tension through the movement of the spirals when each item is put to use.
Project 3 - Bob
Group Project with Russell Chew &Corina Tan In this digital age, many hours are spent in front of the computer. While observing that hands or elbows are always in contact with the edge of a workspace table, we were interested in changing physical human behaviors with technology. Meet BOB, a wireless friendly and intuitive time-based physical advisor. Leaving it at your workspace, BOB will start rocking after a specific time, to remind you to rest your eyes.
Project 4 - Nurse Rehearse
Group Project with Yeo Li May &Cecilia Lim
In collaboration with Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies Nurse Rehearse is a card game that engages student nurses to exercise critical thinking in a friendly competitive environment. It guides students to formulate their individual thought process through the selection of relevant and essential questions and tests, to build confidence in students in the context of clinical situations.
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