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Nigel Geh

(+65) 81988102

I believe in the emotional subtleties of design, and how considerately designed experiences can impact our daily lives beyond its materiality. To me, design is the manifestation of an extremely thorough thought process, in the simplest form possible.


Project 1 - SoundCARE
Thesis SoundCARE is an ambient monitoring system that aims to prevent detrimental psychological disorders (i.e. Delirium) caused by stressful ICU (Intensive Care Unit) conditions. An imaging device assesses patients' consciousness and agitation levels by tracking head movement. Nurses are alerted when patients are awakening or becoming agitated, ensuring prompt intervention and provision of healthcare. The device concurrently emits soothing natural sounds to calm patients down and even aids in pain management. By utilizing natural sounds such as the chirping of birds, patients experience improved recovery from a less sterile and more natural ICU environment.
Project 2 - Muse
Group Project with Kenneth Ang In recent years, we have seen a trend of companies adopting open office concepts. However, these layouts are much more permeable to sound and can result in decreased productivity. Muse is a new typology of furniture that provides an elegant solution to noisy workplaces by embedding noise-cancelling speakers (similar to those in headphones) in a device that can be attached to most office chairs. It creates an acoustic zone around the user where background noise is cancelled, resulting in a conducive working environment and a quiet refuge from our hectic environment. Winner of the iF Design Concept Award 2014
Project 3 - SPOT
Group Project with Gloria Ngiam Inspired by the simplicity, and functionality of industrial work lights, SPOT is a multi-purpose light that can be hung, hand-held, or simply placed on a surface. Adaptable to a variety of situations, its essential functionality is expressed in a refreshing and playful design. Winners of the 2014 LaunchPad Asia Competition
Featured in Design Boom , Co. Design & Apartment Therapy
Project 4 - Kiehl's Roll'IT!
Group Project with Iris Team X Kiehl’s Roll it! is a bottled roll-on facemask concept for men. The semantics of the cosmetic bottle resembles that of a shaver; an object familiar to men. Inspiration was taken from certain features of a typical shaver to impart subtle hints of masculinity onto the otherwise commonly perceived “feminine” cosmetic bottle. The form influences its function and suggests similar ergonomics in handling, as well as its application onto the face. Winning team of Loreal Brandstorm Singapore 2014.
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