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Naroth Murali

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NUS DID has been a great place for me to experiment with a variety of design briefs; from social innovation, to start-up design, big data design and even speculative design. I now look forward to pushing boundaries in the real world, the same way I have always done in school!

Project 1 - HeatStik
In collaboration with Chef LG Han, Restaurant Labyrinth &Chef Ng Yiyi, Snack Culture Company HeatStik is a redesign of the industrial heat gun, for prosumer chefs to use at home. Combining the heating coil and a fan, it acts as a mobile heat source in the kitchen, capable of cooking techniques such as searing, caramelizing and baking. Using a series of attachments that increase its functionality, HeatStik represents the future of small, portable and energy efficient devices in the kitchenspace.
Project 2 - KVLT
In collaboration with Studio Juju KVLT is a foldable lounge chair, born from an exploratory and experimental design process centred around the theme of 'skin and bones'. It is collapsible for easy storage and portability. The beauty of this chair lies in the way it folds into a very compact form along two axes, and through the use of articulating joints. It utilizes the canvas skin to distribute weight along the joints, resembling a hammock. This working prototype is made from birch wood planks, jelutong wooden joints, and canvas.
Project 3 - Loop
In collaboration with One Earth Design Loop is a simple system that comprises of a filter pump, a series of tubing that carries water into individual recycled coke bottles, and an ergonomic canvas water carrier. It allows for filtration on the go, as well as modularity in function. Taking 10 minutes to pump filtered water, and using recycled water bottles to prevent recontamination, Loop serves as a blueprint to what social innovations should be; accessible, cheap and modular.
Project 4 - TravelSafe
In collaboration with Keio-NUS CUTE Center TravelSafe is a smartphone application that helps regulate the safety of taxis on the road. Utilising data from inbuilt sensors on smartphones to record and recognise dangerous driving manoeuvres, TravelSafe aims to promote safer driving habits amongst taxi drivers.
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