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Mabel Low

(+65) 81888345

Mabel's design reflects her perspective in life and her great empathy for people. This orientation allows her to set her ideas in interesting directions where she can push them as far as it can go. Her interest in service design complements her design ethos as she considers user’s experiences while using the service. She aspires to become a designer and eventually a tertiary lecturer, where she can nurture and guide younger and aspiring designers.


Project 1 - BTO Helper
Thesis A service provided by Housing and Development Board (HDB) that helps inexperienced couples purchase a new flat in Singapore through information management and organization. A communication channel which includes a website and a series of folders to help categorize information into different stages, each represented by a different colour. The folder uses different colour-codes that match the coloured documents to help applicants interpret the letter. A documentation channel uses the folders and album to allow applicants to document and organize papers for future reference.
Project 2 - WASH. Soap Inside
Wash. Soap Inside. is a dual functional soap packaging design for hotels. The new soap packaging is used both as a protector before usage and a soap tray during usage. By holding it under running water, it will instantly dissolve part of the packaging and what will be left is just the soap and a convenient soap tray. This is done by strategically coating the water-soluble paper with hydrophobic liquid.
Project 3 - EDGE
Group project with Yeo Wan Jun & Seah Ying Xin EDGE is specially designed for L’Oreal’s TFWA world exhibition booth for 2015. It is to highlight the
multifaceted qualities of L’Oreal, showing both strong and gentle sides of L’Oreal. The edginess of the
facets, which gives the booth its personality, is softened up with the minimisation of the number of faces
and the maximisation of the size of each triangle, which can be seen in our moodboard. Confident, yet not arrogant. Gentle, yet not formless.
Project 4 - MOM Handy Helpers
Group Project with Lee Si Min & Hong Ling Yang
In collaboration with Ministry of Manpower Handy Helpers pre-empt the needs of foreign workers and bring information to them, before they face any problem.
Handy Helpers is designed specially for foreign workers. It is an information card game that contains gamified contents of the brochures available at Gallery A. Foreign workers will be given an information card game each which they can bring back to play with their friends and share knowledge. Whenever the worker faces a problem, he will remember that he has these information cards which he can refer to and can follow the procedures to solve his problem. 2nd Runner-up of MOM Service Design Challenge 2014
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