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Lydia Aw

(+65) 98173526

Design does not solely encompass key functionality and aesthetics however, it is inclusive of the experiences and joy gained from the interactions with the designed products. My passion lies in the creations of shared experiences beginning from the fundamentals of identifying the needs and problems, translating them into possible solutions of delightful engagements with the users.

Project 1 - ex-ploFUN
Thesis Targeted at families with children aged 6-10 years old, the design aims to create a focal point of exposure to a variety of ingredients through the safe and playful explorations of ingredients in the food preparation process. Comprising a holistic system of workstation mat and stackable tools containers, it offers a delightful user experience with inviting colors and forms to encourage the intuitive creations of food based on the children's imaginations whilst complementing with the household space. The prepared food could be packed as a lunchbox and brought outdoors for consumption.
Project 2 - M.I.L.K for Joints
M.I.L.K (Medical Interactive Learning Kit) for joints is a portable learning kit designed for year 1 medical students conceptual understanding of the fundamental principles of different joint movements and mechanism in the study of human anatomy. With the guidance of the instructional cards, the two key 'living' and 'manual' phases together help to build the mental model of students for future clinical practices. While the living phase provides an avenue for students to visualize the responsive living state of the joints, the manual phase offers a hands-on experience in the study of individual components responsible for joint movements.
Project 3 - Tainan Story
Designed as a means to challenge the societal stigma the homeless face, it allows the homeless to seek employment through the collection of seeds which could be sold as a form of souvenir through the vending machine. Recruitment advertisements that are featured provide an introduction to the job scope, encouraging the homeless to approach the centres to seek employment. The purchase of the seeds is inclusive of the map of Tainan park and a link to the informational website which provides an avenue for the purchasers to recognize the contributions made by the seed collectors.
Project 4 - Medminder
Designed as a friendly reminder for elderly with failing memory, it notifies the users via the means of light and sound with the use of arduino on the time for medicine consumption. Medicine which are to be taken at the same time interval would be grouped and stored in the stackable containers for the ease and convenience of consumption. While the data tracked could aid as an analytical comparison between the norm and effects of missed dosage, it also assists the caregivers of the elderly in keeping track despite being away from home.
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