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Karyn Lim

(+65) 9750 6764

The design process, its promise of possibilities and the discoveries it brings. These are the things that motivate me as a designer. Experimenting with the use of sheet materials in the past year, I try to celebrate the material and perhaps push its limits. Design, to me, is a representation of time and culture. It is born from an exchange of ideas and the accumulation of influences. It is a messenger who carries the attitudes and concerns of society of its time. One could call it a time capsule.

Project 1 - Flati
Thesis Flati is a series of bags that appear and disappear. Transformation is explored in material and form. In their flat state, these bags resemble the single sheet of laminate that they are made of. In one swift motion guided by a pattern of cuts, they transform into a sculptural accessory.
Project 3 - Picnic Bags
Group Project with Guillaume Bloget
In collaboration with Studio Juju This project involves a system where surface and structure interact to produce an object which can exist and be functional in two states - flat, or as a volume. The picnic bags transform into a picnic mat when opened, providing the user with much convenience as all the contents of the bag will be in the middle of the mat. A bag of 80 x 80 cm when flat can contain about two bottles of wine, some fruit and maybe a baguette, and can comfortably seat two people.
Project 3 - JUBIcup
Group Project with Yuen Hin Nam The JUBIcup is for the 50 year old living in Singapore in the year 2065. Health tracking devices and applications are widely being used to fully understand the body and more middle-aged are cultivating healthy habits to slow down the ageing process. Liquid meals are also becoming widely acceptable. With the JUBIcup, health obsessed individuals can seamlessly integrate health monitoring with their daily liquid meals.
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