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Jacqueline Lau

(+65) 8102 0752


I believe that design does not differentiate people; it is made for all people.


As a designer, I strive to bring about positive changes and improvements in people’s lives. Curiosity drives my appetite for learning more things and exploring new concepts. I hope that my work can inspire people and make world a better place.


Project 1 - Grow Gratitude
Thesis Grow Gratitude is a starter kit that equips the user with the tools and momentum to practice and cultivate habitual gratitude. It comprises of the notes, the gratitude seeds and the organizer. Using the recipe of Reflection + Expression, the kit encourages the user to record their gratitude moments and express their appreciation through the giving of thank you notes and seeds. Recipients are encouraged to pass on the seeds and generate contagious gratitude within a community.
Project 2 - Snatcha
Group Project with Sim Yong Jie & Kevin Chiam Snatcha is an interactive design piece that redefines music through playful tactility. The archetype emphasizes on team play as it invites piqued individuals to interact with 12 vibrant consoles, producing different music when pulled. The consoles are connected with elastic bands and as such, players are intrigued by the elastic feedbacks when ‘snatching’ to play their music from other players.
Project 3 - Tups
Group Project with Kelly Yap & Tan Sei Yee
In collaboration with Tupperware Tups is a novel temporary storage system for the micro kitchen. The lack of tabletop space has led to frustration during food preparation. The design aims to utilise the space under the overhead cabinet, creating more working space for leisure cooking. By attaching a magnetic rack and using the uniquely designed Tups bowls for temporary food storage, user can now enjoy cooking without the constraint of space.
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