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Chiok Jun Hua, Ivan

(+65) 9178 1543

Sensitive to observable human behavior, it is the role of a designer to translate daily inspiration into opportunities that improve life. I am a sensory designer who perceives design as that which can only be felt as something alluring yet invisibly inviting .


Project 1 - RocketBalance
In collaboration with Singapore General Hospital, Rehabilitation Centre Rocket balance is an essential home based balance rehabilitation station that incorporates both dynamic exercises and visual training. Through a system of augmentation that stimulates the physical and ocular reaction, it essentially improves the overall dynamic movements, vision for reaction and psychological attention focusing. To allow seniors to keep balance in their everyday life, rocket balance is a complete balance learning system that allows rehabilitation practices from the comfort of their home.
Project 2 - RedDot Discovery
Group Project with Marcus Woo & Lu Xiao Heng
In collaboration with Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore The Red Dot Discovery is a 3-stage design museum experience which aims to promote greater tourist exposure around the museum’s vicinity. Through a new series of schemes implemented to raise museum awareness, immediate attention is drawn towards the museum’s existence by building curiosity through social media platforms.
Project 3 - Flo
Group Project with Rajadhyaksha Naveen
In collaboration with One Earth Designs Flo is a UV sanitation system, designed for the people of Qing Hai, China. Utilizing the power of the sun, Flo is renewable, day in and day out. By utilizing the sterilizing abilities of short wave UV technology, Flo can sanitize up to 40L of water per 30 minutes. The UV in conjunction with a solid bio filter allows Flo to sanitize, 99.999% of bacteria. Flo focuses on water sanitation but is also designed to prevent recontamination of clean drinking water.
Project 4 - Mobile Scent Dispenser
In collaboration with The Sense Company, Netherlands Designed for home implementation, the scent dispenser is a professional fragrance solution made to bring happiness through fragrance. Based on an intelligent charge-and-go system, the dispenser unit is a smart fragrant diffuser that is wirelessly controlled through mobile application.
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