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Sufi Ar-Rumi

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My name is Helmie Sufie. My take on design is a submission of how we interpret the boundaries of our lives in the way we live and the way we want to live. Design allow us to dominate our sensorial instinct and revolt our norms to resist commonalities in society.

Project 1 - Tactiles
Thesis Tactiles are haptic flashcards that give a headstart to a child’s linguistic ability, in particular the learning of adjectives.
Similar to conventional flashcards, Tactiles provide the medium for the child to learn via touching them rather than seeing. This exercises the child’s finer motorskills via touch whilst improving the child’s language development. The child’s interplay of curiosity and imagination via the sense of touch allows the parents to explore a child’s potential in learning and speech Surface configurations commonly called affordances simulates the awakening of the child’s senses. This in turn connects linguistic awareness of the child’s cognitive memory to his environment.
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