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Goh Hong

(+65) 96351965


I enjoy observing seemingly mundane activities and exploring new opportunities to create simple yet delightful human experiences through the use of design. My interest and aptitude in art and photography are also often reflected in my designs.

Project 1 - Cafe Companion
Thesis Café Companion is a mobile application which offers customers a new way of creating café experiences, targeted at independent cafés. Customers can access the full menu of multiple cafés anytime, anywhere, along with authentic customers’ experiences via reviews. Preference-based browsing of the menu, suggestions and customization after frequent use makes the experience personal. Customers can place orders at their own pace from the comfort of their seat in the café with the application, without having to queue. Rewards are also gained for sharing café experiences via the application. With Café Companion, café goers can create more enjoyable experiences worth revisiting.
Project 2 - Little Helper
Group Project with Yew Jing Yuan Little Helper is a set of laundry bags that aid in cultivating a sense of responsibility in children. As the child fills each bag with their own dirty clothes, the bag slowly takes on an animal form, injecting an element of fun into a mundane daily activity. Each bag accommodates 3 to 4 days worth of children’s laundry. Ecologically-friendly and practical, the bag will be washed away when in the washing machine due to its water-soluble fabric material.
Project 3 - Breeze
Group Project with Loren Lim In Singapore, the role of care giving is shifting away from the mother. It is speculated that by 2065, grandparents will take over and fulfill the responsibilities of parenting their only grandchild. As the age gap between generations increase, these seniors are likely to face health issues due to old age. By integrating the functionalities of walkers and strollers, Breeze is designed for enhanced stability and safety, allowing seniors to travel with and care for their grandchild comfortably, despite their impaired mobility.
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