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Gloria Ngiam

(+65) 96481922

Design to me is an expression of, or tool to realize harmony between Man and environment. The fundamental objective of design should always be to affect functional and experiential positivity. I believe that no design is too big or small, as long as the designer’s intentions are honest and sincere.

Project 1 - Public Privacy
Thesis Public privacy is a critical design project that speculates alternative states of privacy. The design outcome consists of four artefacts that function as talking points, opening up discussion and debate regarding the status quo of digital privacy today.
Privacy x Agreement
The phenomenon of blindly agreeing to online terms inspires the redesigning of service terms into a penmanship format. Privacy x Commodity
In a cash for cache world, a smart band analyzes real-time monetary worth of personal data and allows users to sell their own data for money. Privacy x Self-defense
A chic interpretation of digital self-defense, this portable anti-signal object protects users from invasive consumer surveillance and tracking. Privacy x Trust
A domesticated surveillant object explores the tension between preserving private boundaries and a necessary commitment to full disclosure.
Project 2 - SPOT
Group Project with Nigel Geh & Guillaume Bloget SPOT – the light with a sweet spot, is a multi-purpose light that can be hung, hand-held, or simply placed on a surface. Adaptable to a variety of situations, its essential functionality is expressed in a refreshing and playful design. Winners of the 2014 LaunchPad Asia Competition
Featured in Design Boom , Co. Design & Apartment Therapy
Project 3 - RYB
RYB is a shelf concept that is inspired by the De Stijl artistic movement. The thin metal frame supports a modular system of storage elements. Each module represents a different archetype of landscape – mountains, hills, and craters.
Project 4 - Snuggle Group Project with Michiel Cremers Snuggle is a take on the issue of overworking, a trend observed in the rise of the mobile working class. Designed to look and feel like a comfy pillow, snuggle is a laptop case that fulfills the dual functions of work and play.
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