OPENING NIGHT 22 May 2015, 1830 to 2100HRS ( By Invitation Only) EXHIBITION 23 May - 30 May, 0900 to 2100HRS 31 May, 0900 to 1300HRS VENUE National Design Centre,111 Middle Rd
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Elyn Wu

(+65) 8366 7257

Design is not merely aesthetics, nor is it wholly about functionality or analytics. I believe that design is a multi-disciplinary process that begins with an understanding of the network of interactions and phenomenons around us. Ultimately, design is a way of thinking and way of problem solving that has the potential to make lives better.

Project 1 - DEX
Thesis Dex is an integrated healthcare system that is designed specifically for diabetic patients. It comprises of a pair of smart insoles that is paired with a health monitoring system and a suite of foot based exergames. It encourages the use of exercise to manage diabetic conditions through gamification of one’s exercise routines. Additionally, real time foot pressure sensing and foot activity data also provides the necessary awareness and assurance that can help reduce the risk of diabetic neuropathy. Exhibited at Georgia Tech Symposium in Design & Wearable Technologies 2015
Project 2 - The Cove
Group Project with Gary Lim & Tan Rongli
In collaboration with L'oreal The design of the exhibition is to allow smooth circulation flow throughout the entire exhibition. The dynamic entrance that curls inwards is a subtle gesture to guide audiences into the exhibition. At the entrance, the audiences will be greeted by the large display screen at the center, projecting advertorial visuals of the different brands. Having the 18 exhibiting brands clustered and placed at different areas, this helps to reduce overcrowding at one area as well as giving generous viewing space for each brand.
Project 3 - Clic.
Group Project with Tricia Chia CLIC. cuts down the confusing layers of unnecessary information on conventional medication packaging by providing fuss-free ways of acquiring the pertinent instructions. One click is all that is needed to consume the right medicine anywhere, anytime and everytime.
Project 4 - Yoake
D'STAR Design Awards 2014
Grand Winner Yoake means 'dawn' which is the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. The idea behind it was to design a furniture which complements its surrounding and embed it with a subtle hint of motion of a daily routine.
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