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Eddy Tan

(+65) 97432621

I believe design is more than just solving a problem. It also revolves about the user experience, making a difference in our everyday lives. Designing new interactions such as injecting a little presence of play can create a fresh and fun experience to everyday objects.


Project 1 - Tots
Thesis For each stage of a child’s life, there are significant development milestones to be observed. The things children play with will need to match their development and emerging abilities. Inspired by the teeter totter, Tots is a multipurpose pre-playground play tool for children aged 2 and above, focusing on developing children’s gross motor and balancing skills. More importantly, it is a space where parents and their child can play and interact.
Project 2 - Outdoor Workspace
Group Project with Ivan Chiok &Genevieve Low In today's working environment, shrinking workspaces and the desire to incorporate nature with indoor offices are becoming an uprising trend. The concept of the set of furniture is to provide sufficient personal space, while forming a collaborative environment through various configurations in an outdoor setting. Users can freely interpret the space as they wish.
Project 3 - TickTalk
Group Project with Letitia Lim, Hor Sue Ann, Simon Puybouffat &Grégoire Patacq Ticktalk is a mobile application that gives users a new way to kill their empty pockets of time. Anonymous users will be paired and given customisable opening questions as conversation topics, opportunities to save interesting conversations and sharing them on existing social medias. Countdown timer features encourage users to stay connected anytime.
Project 4 - Loft
Group Project with Khaw Yee Jek, Sylvia Ang &Nora Fong Not only is ironing a fearful chore, the bulky and isolated form seems to be a plague to an iron. Loft aims to revolutionise the ironing process. With a smooth sliding dial, no-spill easy refill, and an intelligent system that elevates and conceals the soleplate with a touch, Loft allows parents to iron safely.
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