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Dinah Atiqah Azman


My interest lies in unique patterns, quirky illustrations and bright colours. My idea of design steers away from the universally popular monochromatic and minimalist approach. I enjoy fusing various ideas, ranging from the traditional to the modern, to create something that is reflective of me as an individual and a designer.

Project 1 - Digital fabrication for the preservation of the batik culture
Thesis This project intends to create a community of practice for the preservation of the batik culture using digital fabrication as a bridge . A permanent batik template derived from traditional batik designs was first coded. This template was then filled with any desired image before being fabricated in metal to produce the final batik stamps. These stamps are intended for use together with the traditional batik making methods in order to create new batik pieces that are highly customisable and reflective of today’s society whilst still retaining the essence of the craft.
Project 2 - Sentient
Group Project with Xuxun and Guilaume In a world that is borderless, what is a home and how can everyone stay connected? Introducing Sentient, a new form of telecommunication that tracks your lifestyle to make every surrounding your own. It syncs your loved one’s real time ambient sound to your stereo to allow you to feel their presence and freely communicate.
Project 3 - Blend
Group Project with Jiaying, Karyn & Ivan
The everyday iron never blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Thus, this pebble-shaped iron with a tucked away handle and wire. Conventional irons are industrial-looking hence appear jarring against any backdrop. An iron inspired by nature will not be obtrusive and allows the user to leave it anywhere without fear it will look out of place.
Project 4 - Mosachi
Group Project with Sherina & Pek Kuan In a world where everything is soft, we designed a massager that utilises the natural suction power of silicone to adhere to our body. Upon adhering, it will start vibrating. Depending on where it is applied on the body, these vibrations have the ability to relax muscle spasms, increase blood flow, and release natural pain blockers within our body as it utilises the principles of acupuncture.
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