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Syed AtiF Husain

(+65) 9226 2969


To me, design is a universal language spoken by some but understood by all. A language that connects the literate as well as the illiterate, the old as well as the young, the rich as well as the poor. As a visual and industrial designer, I take it upon myself to create experiences that educate, empower and enlighten.

Project 1 - Lostbook
Lostbook™ aims to create a holistic solution for recovering and returning lost objects through a passive online platform, Lostbook™, and an active tagging system, Lostag™. Lostbook™ is an online portal that aggregates lost objects worldwide. Individuals and organisations can report lost objects on the platform, allowing owners to conveniently search and retrieve their belongings. Experience it at Lostags™ are stickers with unique codes that users can attach to their objects. When lost, the tags allow the finders to trace and contact the owners.
Project 2 - Unbox
Designed for LO’real, unbox is a concept of a portable roadshow, that literally collapses into a box. It plays around the fine line between extreme compactness and massiveness. Resulting in a structure that is bold, dominant and versatile. The structure is designed to accommodate various configurations for multiple brands under LO'real while retaining a consistent brand identity throughout.
Project 3 - Home Délivery
It’s a busy world we live in. Often times, we lose sense of what really matters to us - like having a sumptuous dinner with our families. Home Délivery provides a platform for anyone to get healthy, home cooked meals delivered right to their doorstep. The best part is that these meals are cooked by talented individuals within their own communities. Home Délivery transforms housewives, food enthusiasts or basically anyone with a passion for cooking into 'HomeChefs' who can now share and sell their unique taste with the world.
Project 4 - Water Drums
Inspired by the simplicity of water and how we interact with it, these floatable drums leverage on the air trapped within to produce a huge spectrums of musical beats. A perfect tool for the young and the young at heart.
Exhibited at Singaplural 2013
111 Middle Road
National Design Centre Singapore 188969

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