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Albert Lee

(+65) 83386428

As a designer, I aim to make a difference in this world, putting smiles on people’s faces. There is nothing design cannot solve. To me, design is magical; design is intriguing; design is a never ending strive for excellence, breaking boundaries and creating possibilities.

Project 1 - Digitalism
Thesis Series of critical designs, commenting on humanity’s growing reliance on the digital, online world. The ritualistic connection between our spiritual and digital habits is identified by the mirroring of the religious experience to our modern digital behaviours, This project invites people to contemplate our growing dependency on the online mechanisms of sharing, learning, connecting and forming relationships, such that these have come into our lives almost as equivalent to our self-worth and fundamental hopes.
Project 2 - Oasis
Group Project with Afzal Imram Oasis is an office partition that brings the elements of nature into the office. Not only does it soften the environment, it flows with the movement of people within the office, breaking monotony; tangiblizing wind. The form and experience was inspired by nature (waves, trees) and made useful in an office context to improve wellness.
Project 3 - STITX
Group Project with Chew Jia Ying & Corina Tan
In collaboration with Uyii Designed to suit the lifestyles of Nomadic Workers, STITX is a sitckon organizer for your belongings and gadgets necessary for work onthego. Bringing you convenience by sitting snugly at the back of your laptop, it reduces the clutter of things on alreadytiny workspaces. Featured on Culturepush, ComplexTech, Trendhunter & more. Retailed at Keepers: Singapore Designer Collective &
Project 3 - Bloom
Group Project with Gary Lim Bloom is an interactive flower powered by arduino that responds to the users' breath. Bloom engages with the users through their tangible and intangible sense of sight, smell, touch, anticipation, curiosity, surprise, immersion and closure. There are 4 parts to bloom, the flower head, stalk, base and the technology behind it. Bloom helps keep people in distraction, balancing their state of mind, allowing for inter-personal connectivity and if possible, influence at a higher level of policy or welfare changes.
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