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Akbar Yunus

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Are you into design? How about technology? What a coincidence!


Project 1 - ZOXY
Thesis Snoring is not an innocent noise to be ignored because more than 80% of loud snorers have a sleeping disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is the failure to breath while you sleep. With 100 million sufferers worldwide, 85% of them are still undiagnosed. ZOXY is a device and phone app system that is designed to save you from drowning in your dreams by enabling your phone to detect your breathing and posture during sleep. This enables consistent monitoring and earlier detection that makes earlier treatments possible. ZOXY helps you develop new positive habits by making healthier changes in your lifestyle, resulting in improved health, longer lifespan, and a better quality of life for you and your family.
Democratic Luxury questions the wastefulness of luxury objects - the excessive materials and costs used to produce an exclusive object enjoyable by only one person. It advocates the modification of luxury items with features that make them shareable by more people.
Project 3 - MICROFEAST
Group Project with Abel Fam &Anthony Yu
In collaboration with Tupperware Tupperware’s ‘MicroFeast’ ushers in the next generation of microwave cooking. It’s multi-stacked system boosts the ability to produce a complete Asian home cooked meal of 3 dishes and a soup, along with rice, all at the same time in 15 minutes. The Vari-Shield Trays allow you to control the amount of microwaves entering your food so that the dishes would be cooked perfectly and simultaneously regardless of the different cooking times each dish would take. Experience once again the ability to prepare a truly piping hot spread for the family, enjoyed with the family.
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