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Aishwarya Tandon

(+65) 9101 6605

Design. What is design to me you may ask? To me design is everything: it is what we see, it is what we breathe, it is what we sense all around us. It is, in a way, an experience; not only for those who use the product, but for all those around them, and I love designing those experiences.

Project 1 - CADENCE
Thesis With an increasing trend of personalizing jewelry based on emotions (e.g. Pandora Bracelets), I have developed a new experience of personalizing jewelry based on emotions – by retelling life stories through dancing, and capturing these emotions in jewelry. I have used Microsoft Kinect in order to capture the dance movements & rhythm, then used the received data and developed a logic to convert this data into jewelry. The main aim of this thesis was to ensure that the dancer can see her story in the final jewelry, and therefore there is extreme emphasis on the dancer’s feedback.
Project 2 - Aeri
tInspired by Phillipe Stark's Juicy Salif, Aeri is a handheld milk frother that can be displayed on the table rather than tucked away in the drawer when not in use. Furthermore, the form of Aeri is such that it would attract attention and hence be a social talking piece.
Project 3 - Living Metal
Single-atom thick Graphene films are coated to simulate metal, where they can be programmed to move at will, through changes in electric currents. The hypnotic effect caused by the organic movement of each individual unit gives of a life-like feel contrasting the usual expectation of the cold, rigid material, thereby generating wonder from the cognitive dissonance. Project 3 - Jive

Jive started off as an attempt to break monotony at work. After several sessions of brainstorming and ideation, our group decided to animate a simple office object in a manner that would influence behaviour, and voila! Jive is designed as dustbin with character that not only creates a positive ambience at the workplace, but also subtly influences the workers to keep their offices clean.
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