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Muhammad Junaidi

(+65) 83995966

I have always enjoyed the ideation phase of a design project. In which there is no limit to how crazy the final design can be. Ultimately, I enjoy designs that are simple, yet are good enough to be very impactful to improving people’s lives. I find them a lot in Japanese designs. During my down time, I play soccer and when I am not, I would practice on my drawing skills.
Project 1 - Uscort
Thesis Uscort: Looking into managing crowd traffic in an indoor situation, this project aims to further improve the overall effort needed to effectively usher static crowds. Though current barriers can be effective, setting up, storage and transporting can be very cumbersome. Thus, Uscort sort to create a steadfast solution to manage crowd traffic without the need to carry heavy and bulky barriers. Saving storage space with its compact size, it also it eliminates the need for multiple trips to cover a distance.
Project 2 - Gnusel
Gnusel is a potato masher that bears the essence of the mortar and pestle in terms of its quality in weight and simplicity, making it an iconic piece in the kitchen. Using it brings a dancing movement out of the user.
Project 3 - Spice Packs
Working with the under-utilized vertical space around the kitchen and manipulating it, spice packs are a system that helps the user organize with preference to their own mental model, allowing them to have quick access to the ingredients they need.
Project 4 - Plyaire Chair
Plyaire Chair is furniture that is made entirely out of a 3mm thick material. It looks relatively thin and its structure is well calculated to distribute weight at necessary points to make it into a light and sturdy chair.
111 Middle Road
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