23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Jin Zhuoyan

"I never related myself to 'design' before but it happened that I came to this design course.
I never thought I would love design so much until this actually became the truth.
Design is never "never", it is an unintentional delight.
I wish to discover more such delight in my future life."

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i ❤
making people laugh
to smell things
learning different languages
to get up early and cook breakfast
being adventurous and discovering the world

Designed by Zhuoyan:    


[POSCENT] is a scented souvenir set for tourists to preserve and share the eating experience in Singapore. The crayons contain distinctive scents of four significant Singapore food which are Durian, Laksa, Bak Kut Teh and Fish Curry. The tourists are allowed to color the food on the postcards and either preserve the scent for personal memory or send to friends to share the Singapore flavors.

the "smelly" postcard is waiting to be sent to your beloved friend

tourists are allowed to choose single flavour or multiple flavours at one shot

cards to be colored


OBLIQUE is a table partition system for workspace. The origami inspired structure allows one with the freedom to create and manipulate the optimal workspace for every task at hand. The design helps reduce spatial, visual and audio distractions. It perfectly offers both the space to withdraw for concentrated work and an optimization of communication during team projects.

Designed with Yee Jek Khaw, Jexter Lim

an enclosed workspace for concentration task

different configurations of the design


[PALITOS] is a corrugated-cardboard-made and READY-TO-ASSEMBLY (RTP) construction toy sets. The two basic interlocking sticks can be assembled and connected to construct various objects. The simple yet versatile smart design allows kids to learn problem-solving skill, stimulates creativity and lateral thinking. Adults are welcome to play too.

Designed with Sebastián de Barca, exchange semester at Duoc UC, Chile


Hon Sui Ming Raymond


Kwek Wen Shu