23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Yun Tong Lew

"To me, Industrial Design is not just about solving problems, but also improving the quality of life of people. I think it is important for us to be relevant and get more in touch with the human aspect of designing, understanding users' needs, wants and experiences. It brings me tremendous joy and satisfaction to see my users enjoy what I've designed for them."

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Designed by Yun Tong:    

The Little Adventurer: Augmented Contextual Learning for Preschool Children

“The Little Adventurer” sets out to bridge the real and virtual world, where the use of contextual learning allows preschool children to relate what they see in the virtual world to that of reality.

Using Augmented Reality technology, children can now go on an adventure and immerse themselves in learning environments that are out of their everyday surroundings. It also encourages parent-child bonding as they engage in fun-filled exploration and learning adventures together.

Stamp, colour and frame up your work!

Watch the different subject matter come to life, and experience different scenarios in real-time by interacting with the physical objects.

Enjoy learning through fun exploration and adventure with your loved ones!

Pillars of Support

“Pillars of Support” provides a sense of space without the use of walls, but just the essentials. Pillars are the fundamental support system of interdependence for the different display modules. Its unique point is its versatility in various configurations, such as linear, circular and segmented, depending on the types of space provided.

Designed with Nicolette Tan in collaboration with L'Oréal

The booth can be configured according to the type of space available.


Cacstix is the mitigation of microplastic pollution in water by using cactus mucilage (a natural coagulant) to trap microplastics in laundry wastewater before its release into the ocean. It is housed beneath the rubber rim of front-loading washing machines so as to eliminate the usual dirt accumulation and prevent it from being entangled among clothes. The circular motion of the drums effectively directs water towards Cacstix, allowing sufficient water carrying the microplastics to come into contact with the mucilage pellets.

Designed with Tay Tze Yu in collaboration with One Earth Design

Cactus mucilage, a natural coagulant with bio-adhesive properties, is extracted to form pellets that swell when in contact with water, activating its properties to essentially function as a sticky tape.

Cacstix is housed beneath the rubber rim of front-loading washing machines.

The circular motion of the drum creates a contact point where the water and Cacstix's bio-adhesive properties meet.


Leow Yuan Kai


Lim Kim