23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Leow Yuan Kai

Kai is a big kid who's too curious about anything and everything for his own good. Professionally, he believes in the power of communication through the iterative design process, as well as writing in third person. Also, he has an uncomfortable fondness of the colour red, as well as the knack to have everything juxtaposed in symmetries or mirrored arrangements. Do not hesitate to contact him for coffee, or any caffeinated drink of your choosing.

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HCI (Human Computer Interaction)
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Designed by Kai:    

POLYFRAME: Design for Tradeshows and Exhibitions

Despite technological advancement in communications such as video conferencing, the experience of interacting face to face is considerably a valuable experience. Exhibitions and shows are the most effective medium in creating buzz and excitement for these interactions.

Polyframe relooks into the current temporary furniture typology where show objects like tables are usually rented by businesses to showcase their products and services. The system of joints empowers owners to be flexible in the setting up of their show booths in terms of displays and table configurations.

Polyframe - Assembly from YuanKai Leow on Vimeo.

REVEIL – Mobile Integrated Retail Experience

In collaboration with Valerie Tan
Winner of L'Oréal Sponsored Studio

REVEIL is envisioned as a deployable mobile pop-up store with carefully crafted spaces for consultation. Each individual flaps and shelf extensions allow forming of semi-private alcoves , enhancing the shopping experience.

Private alcoves allow visitors to have personalised consultation with a beauty ambassador

REVEIL : Mobile Integrated Retail Experience from YuanKai Leow on Vimeo.

FIREFLY – Giving light to food life!

A freshness indicator for the modern kitchen, the Firefly brings to attention the status of perishable foods stored within the refrigerator in an intuitive and visible way. No more fumbling around with zip-loc bags and felt-tip markers in order to keep track of the food inside their fridges.

In collaboration with Akbar Yunus, Ng Jiaying

A one-look overview of food that requires timely consumption

Attach individual Firefly to most surfaces

Fluid and intuitive input to the Firefly System for setting the timers

SL!CES – Ketchup Packaging for Rural Communities

Tackling food wastage for the common ketchup condiment, SL!CES is a system of tetrahedrons designed to be sold within rural communities in developing countries.

Most importantly, the packaging needs to communicate the image of freshness; how the condiment is being preserved from the farm to the consumer's hands.

In collaboration with Kwek Wen Shu, Rachel Wong, Seo Keong Jin

An engaging packaging that visually transfer the emotion of freshness of tomatoes to an otherwise utilitarian design

When unrolled, it is hanged for retail in rural communities where bigger purchases for daily provisions are less common.


Kwek Wen Shu


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