23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Wenshu Kwek

"My design career began when my parents realised I stopped throwing tantrums in drawing classes. 20 years later I do my best to design moments that make people pleasantly delighted. I aim to be honest and sensitive in everything I do because design is not about me, it is about the user, the context and the environment. "

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Designed by Wen Shu:    


An assuring peritoneal dialysis connection system to enhance the safety, interaction and experience of dialysis for pediatric kidney patients. The system alleviates the fears and anxiety of fatal infections due to touch contamination. Infection-free dialysis empowers pediatric patients with the freedom to build their lives around dialysis, not the other way round.

*Due to stakeholder interest in the value and commercial viability of this project, it is currently undergoing a patent application process with the support of NUSDID. As such, project details are temporarily confidential.

In collaboration with Shaw-NKF-NUH Childrenís Kidney Centre


Conceptualised after extensive user research with visually impaired factory workers and do-it-yourselfers, Muno is a universally designed power drill that is assuring, safe and intuitive. It empowers them with the confidence to be productive makers and fixers without highlighting their condition.

In collaboration with Arizona Industries for the Blind

Wrap-around rubber grip improves visibility and handling.

Well-considered features for the visually handicapped.

"If it is easier for us (blind), it is easier for everyone."


Inspired by the rationalistic geometry and elegant articulation of windows, Flip is modular retail system that can be compacted and deployed wherever required. It challenges the wasteful nature of temporary cosmetics stores while creating brand awareness and refreshing display methods.

Designed with Amy Chua in collaboration with LíOreal Travel Retail Asia Pacific

Context render showing one possible configuration.

Elegant flipping mechanism enables endless configurations.

Storage, transport and deployment is quick and easy.


For health-conscious mobile workers, VOCCOO is a wearable air quality sensor that empowers them with the assurance to perform at their best. With an application, workers may track, analyse and share air quality data to find or create optimal environments for work.

Designed with Akbar Yunus in collaboration with Eight Inc.

Embedded environmental sensors and a detachable clip.

VOCCOO mobile application.


Jin Zhuo Yan


Leow Yuan Kai