23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Vick Cai

"I believe design is subjective yet objective, where I can infuse my own perspective and personality into my projects and also achieve its intended purpose. The design outcome must fulfill its objective while not losing the designer identify in the process. Design a solution catering to a need with a touch of the designer personality."

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Designed by Vick:    

RR Rehabilitation Ring: Design for Hand Therapy

The feature of exercising in a context of mobile gaming motivates the rehabilitation encouragement and distracts the patient from pain. The rehabilitation ring uses bluetooth connectivity to link up with mobile phone for gaming and monitoring system of the hand therapy session, making the rehabilitation session mobile and easy.

Enabled rehabilitation by the use of gaming.

Connects with mobile devices with Bluetooth

Within an Arrangement

The concept of space within a space is cre¬ated by using objects as architectural structures to plan the layout of the tablescape. These objects are able to expand and be re-arranged according to the user’s inten¬tion.

A collection of tablescape objects.

Giving a pre-fabricated object a polished look.


MRCS is a Medical Record Card System where patients are not able to access their own medical records. Patients usually have a high certainty of replying “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” when asked about their medical condition during medical consultation. This will affect the doctor ability to prescribe the best medication to the patient thus, affecting the patient’s assurance. This system will increase the patient confident level and be more aware of their medical records.

Medical Record Card Reader.

User journey map.

Ephemeral Warmth

Memorial Jade is a series of jewelries with embed photograph of your love ones. The wearer’s body temperature reacts with the jade causing a temporary ephemeral appearing of the photograph due to a coat of thermal chromatic paint. Ephemera is revealing memories through warmth.

Your warmth

will reveal memories


Ang Shun Qiang Kenneth


Chean Xuan Hui Tricia