23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Tzu-hsuan Yang

"I have developed two habits since design. ONE: of eavesdropping on people's conversations in public. These are the candid, yet golden insights to a valuable design. TWO: of talking to inanimate objects. Designing something is to understand that something. So don't be surprised to see me chatting with an object in my hand. :>"

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Designed by Tzu-hsuan:    

domo: reimagining the experience of repellents in homes

Repelling in homes breaks the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue where these urban pests tend to dwell and bite. However the current methods and experience of repelling simply does not resonate well with the concept of a comfort home, resulting in the repulsiveness by residences.

domo is a wall mounted mosquito repellent designed to fit into the lifestyle and context of homes. It not only proves safety and effectiveness, but also designed to blend well into the environment.

leveraging on appropriate essential oil (citronella, geranium, lemongrass) recommended by NEA (National Environmental Agency) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), domo elevates the positive olfactory experience in the home while functioning as a repellent

with the reed stick exposed, domo is gently diffusing even without being turned on. A simple push on the button will diffuse more concentrated essential oil through a room in seconds.

as domo introduces a new way of repelling mosquitoes, a phamplet comes in handy to explain the simple steps of setting up

domo is designed to be displayed. using a removable wall hook, domo can be mounted against any surface, preferably near the centre point where diffusion is most effective.

using a U-shaped fibre reed stick, domo can store essential oil to be used up till a month. the essential oil reservoir can be detached easily through a snap-fit system.

hearbeats: connecting families through the beating of hearts

hearbeats is a kit that aims to improve the experience of anticipating an unborn child of pregnant mothers and their family members. It is done through a graceful translation of the fetus heartbeat to a pillow for everyone to listen to.

designed with Carling Sia & Mervy Quek

heartwarming actions like touching, hearing and talking to the unborn during pregnancy. hearbeat captures these moments and amplifies it through the beat of hearts.

the hearbeats kit: ultrasound gel, hearbeat device, belly wrap, speaker pillow

the hearbeat device can be attached conveniently to the bellywrap for a hands-free experience

illustration explaining the technology behind heartbeats

our test subjects engrossed in searching for the heartbeat of their unborn baby

iiqui: smart music player for the socially awkwards

iiqui is a music player that filters each and every one's favourite music through spotify, and synthetizes into a playlist that everyone enjoys. It excites and surprises people in the space, sparking new conversations through music.

in collaboration with Philips Research Eindhoven

this is iiqui. a modern music player with a retro touch.

iiqui is designed to be held comfortably in the hands and be transported to any parties

how iiqui comes into play

tofu: handheld frother in the Eastern-Asian context.

tofu is a humble handheld electronic frother that marries both modern technology to traditional culture. Designed to change the gesture of frothing to into an elegance experience. Just like the food, tofu exudes both extreme softness yet edginess.

designed with Loke Ying Zhen & Yu Yue

tofu's aim is to influence any user to use it in a elegant manner

the gesture of using tofu to froth a cup of milk

CO-BALT: collective sharing for mobile workers

We are witnessing a rise in mobile workers (a staggering 1.3 billion by 2014!) and a domination of tablets in the workforce. "Meet for Coffee" has a whole new meaning for mobile workers now.

For these mobile workers, ideas commonly arise from a casual chat over coffee. Wouldn't it be nice if these chats could be instantly turned into a brainstorm session?

CO-BALT is a mobile application that helps in such situations.

it comes with a token for mobile workers to instantly get recognized by the system, and get connected immediately for digital sharing.

a mobile worker using CO-BALT who decides to share a photo that he thinks might be useful for their brainstorm session


Xue Wei Long Benjamin


Yeo Ker Siang