23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Seth Chiam

"To me, empathy should guide the hands of the creator. When designing, I seek to ascertain the needs and desires of the ones I am designing for. Garnering that understanding is already half the fulfillment and forms a good foundation for the creative process. From there on, it becomes a journey never twice the same. Fluid and emotional, and yet, always grounded, till you hold that final creation in your hands. It gives me satisfaction hard to describe in words. Always."

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Designed by Seth:    

Transit Lock

The Transit is a Bicycle Lock and Carrier Combination. It is able to alternate between the two functions when the cyclist reaches his destination or is about to set off for his commute. It comprises of a lock/carrier body, the shackle, and a clamp mechanism to which the lock/carrier mounts when being used to carry the cyclist’s bag. For cycling, The Transit allows bags to be secured using commonly found bungee cords. When locking, it is able to secure the bicycle’s saddle, frame and two wheels.

The Transit

10kg weight capacity

Pushing a button detaches from clamp

Key opens u-lock

U-lock secures front and rear wheel, frame and seat

Bicycle secured


uDynamic was a concept design done in collaboration with Osim, a Singaporean healthy lifestyle products company. The uDynamic is an AC powered sports massager for the thigh and hamstring muscles.

The uDynamic is used at home for recovery after runs

Width adjustments accommodate different thigh sizes

Rotating massage beads oscillate for massage


Whirl is a concept rural water filtration solution designed for communities in rural Qinghai, China. It is mechanically powered using on the river’s current that spins a water wheel. When a water container is placed down on the platform, the water wheel connects to a pump that pushes river water through a ceramic filter for collection. Hence, the water collected is immediately drinkable without much physical effort required on the part of the one collecting water.

River current spins water wheel

Rail allows wheel to adjust to different tides

Jerry can placed on platform activates gears to start filtration


GIVERS is a service designed for a bank intregrating donation, shopping and a social media platform. When a user signs up for GIVERS, he is issued a GIVERS card which allows them to donate with a Dialpad machine at every supporting shopping outlet. The accumilated donations are stored in a bank account where the user is allowed to channel the money to their desired charities and projects.

Dialpad at cashier counters allow users to scroll and donate desired amount


Online site allows user to track contributions and progress of chosen charity/projects


Nur Azizah binte Abdullah


Tan Lee Ken Corina