23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Nitika Khanna

"Design is not just about the function of a product or the form, design is the whole experience of living. Over the years I have come to appreciate that as designers our job is not to just develop an end outcome, but to understand the problem and create a holistic journey, enjoyable, fulfilling and memorable."

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Designed by Nitika:    


H2Conserve Is an educational instrument which as an independent water source teaches children about water conservation through different mediums of water flow and constraints. By limiting the source of water for play, as the water levels recede, the dynamics of the instrument change causing children to become more aware of the decreasing water levels, encouraging them to conserve water as to prolong the water play.

Children tend to display a strong affinity towards water play.

H2Conserve, teaching children water conservation

As water levels recede, certain components become redundant making children more conscious of how much water they are using.

Semantics of components are designed to help children apply water conservation learnings at school back home.


Eclu was conceived whilst observing the current environment of cooking in the Indian Kitchen; vast amount of bowls and utensils are used to hold various ingredients leading to insufficient space and a cluttered worktop. Eclu is a stackable organizational ‘plate’ that allows for less clutter and cleaner workspaces when cooking, as such providing convenience and ease of cooking.

Stack in any order and size


Frӧther is a hand-held frother which aims to bridge the growing needs of young mothers aspiring to become household ‘chefs’ without compromising the integrity of raising their children. Frӧther’s eloquent design and intuitive ergonomics allow for the purpose to extend beyond simple frothing needs, but amass to being part of the whole drink making experience, from the opening, placing, mixing, stirring, and Frothing.


“A thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of something abstract”

Beyond the visual, auditory and haptic senses, our memories of the Stadium also intermingle with our taste buds. Simultaneous to the stadium events, one ponders and recalls the various flavours of Ice Cream Potong served during, before and after the stadium proceedings. By uniting the aesthetics and taste of the stadium planks with the traditional Potong bread indulgence, Token provides a nostalgic yet new tangible experience, bringing together the two iconic Singaporean traditions which transcend generations.

Wall It

'Wall It' is a holistic system to facilitate brainstorming and other collaborative work. By doing so it helps businesses create innovative ideas and solutions through easy digitization of physical content for further manipulation via desktop applications and interactive surfaces. It allows for individuals to communicate and share with multiple people at each touch point, allowing for a better cohesive collaborative environment.

Designed with Yiseul Shin
In collaboration with 8inc & D.I.C

Capture your brainstorming session using the Wall It app

Using the Wall It desktop app continue to develop on the session, add content and interact with others

Transform any surface into an interactive one for continued developing of the session, add more physical brainstorming content and constantly real-time update the content for interactions

System Overview


Muhammad Mateen bin Jumli


Nur Azizah Binte Abdullah