23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Muhammad Mateen Jumli

"Design in my book should be inspired by function but that said who says you can`t make things for fun. So if the main function is fun let it be random even though it looks like something else. Simple small things like a millimeter or two irritates me but its a double edge sword, the thin line between beauty and being questionable."

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Designed by Mateen:    


Tunes is a kit that gives users a focused direction to change the sound of the headphone with the given add-ons. The add-on parts allow more natural change of sound rather than using software equalisers which may result in mechanical like sounds, while allowing users to learn more about differences and changes to the sound frequency.

Main components

In acknowledgement of the awesome Dr Christian Boucharenc and Hans Tan. With the help and advice of the audiophile community, Joe Wng Rz of Stereo Electronics, audiophiles Andy Chan, Heng Shu Wei and Joshua Akagos Yeo.

L'Oreal: spatiality

This project is done to create a shopping space to sell and showcase products. spaciatlity aims to contain a showcase in a giant like drawer container. It is able to showcase products both when it is opened and closed. The adjustibility to transform as required for storage, events, make up areas and a centralised main product area in the center for customers.

Designed with Jueming Loh in collaboration with L'Oréal Scental Hong Kong

Closed shop as display

Fully functional retail space

With the enthusiasm of Dr Christian Boucharenc, Yong Jieyu and L'Oréal Scental Hong Kong.


Mycommunicator is a phone is designed for the deaf as means of bridging the communication between the non-deaf and the deaf in face to face interaction. the dual touch screen allows for quick communication between the 2 parties. the extra screen also acts as a stand for the user when in use.

Designed in collaboration with Gracia Goh.

Normal Functioning phone

Communicating with the hearing

Stand up function for video use

Less but better with Luisa Mok and Dieter Rams.


This vac is designed as a quiet piece on the workspace table. both the bin and the vac is incorporated as a single object. it allows the user who loves to make models to keep the work space clean when he/she finishes a project.

Designed with Kenneth Ang, Kiera Lin and Jin Zhuoyan.

Fuss free cleaning

The project that made me a real fast final model maker thanks to Donn Koh and Hans Tan


Muhammad Haikal bin Abdul Aziz


Nitika Khanna