23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Yew Jing Yuan

"Design is to make the world a happier place. I believe understanding needs and sharing of empathy make your product more valuable and therefore I focus on user-centred design and designing experiences. Designing; be it a product, a brand, or a space, it should have a well-assertive rational behind. “

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Designed by Jing Yuan:    


Flow is a set of crockery designed to reduce the extra calories intake subconsciously. Extra calories like excessive oil, sauce and gravy from our hawker food are consumed. The hindrances of the circular ledges on the plate limit scooping and dipping movement. Subtle raised platform allows excessive oil, sauce or gravy will flows to the side naturally. Sauce tray prevents full dipping and the ripples minimise the contact points of food and sauce.

Loreal: Cadre

(Modular system cosmetic display & road show in collaboration with Loreal)

Cadre is used as a repoussoir. It adds depth to the image, and can add interest to the picture when the frame is thematically related to the object being framed. The design consists of re-using its fixtures serveral times a year at different location, system being modular and lastly mobile to transport from one place to another.

Group: Lionel Lum, Yew Jing Yuan

Munchie Monster: Re-branding of Old Chang Kee

Munchie Monster is a regular service brand that sells fast food at reasonable price for the Korean market. It differentiates itself by direct selling small quantities in accessible shops near subways and malls. Munchie Monster is a rebranding of Old Chang Kee, which brings comfort and relaxed fast food to people.

Maggie: Sustainable packaging in collaboration with Nestle

A sustainable packaging that emphases on the efficientiveness and compactness for consumers to travel from one destination to another. It also creates environmental awareness by using corugated paper for the vessel, seperated from the inner film for the noodles. Its design allows more space efficient packaging for transportation to save cost and the compressible packaging minimize waste volume in both bin and landfill after disposal.

Group: Benjamin Xue, Jamie Yeo, Jin Zhuoyan, Sharon, Yew Jing Yuan


Yeo Wei Ling Jamie


Yu Yue