23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Jamie Yeo

"I am often intrigued by narratives and meanings found in our relationship with objects and the environment. Through research and observations, I often gather insights that inform and build upon this constant discovery. By translating these discoveries into design, I hope to bring about delightful realisations, surprise and wonders in relationships between people, things and our environment."

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Designed by Jamie:    

Ascend Cane Tip

For the elderly, having to use the walking stick feels like it will lead to a deterioration of health. But that is not the case! A walking stick is meant to help increase their physical capacity.

Ascend is an adaptive cane tip that senses the walking information of the elderly and gives feedback in a form of an app for the elderly to show them the positive effects of using a walking stick. This data can then be shared with the physiotherapist and they can also use it to aid them to understand more of the patient’s progress and recovery.

Ascend cane tip to be attached onto the cane

The display on the cane tip and the feedback information on the app for the elderly user

The physiotherapist can access the information of the elderly through the website


Project with Bae Soo Yeon and Sarah Mokhtar

Reducing Resolution creates space for play. Minimals captures the simplest and the most iconic characteristics of animals in a 5 x 5 x 5 wood cube. We hope our Minimals will bring delightful realization and surprise, as well as serve as an educative tool to glean essences of individual animals.

A collection of 12 minimals!

Minimals can be interacted with to reveal it's character

The minimals participated in Play exhibition @scape in 2013

Beaten Metal Vase

When metal meets the hammer, a reaction happens. Naturally it dents, allowing for a flower to be placed. Naturally it warps, empowering for flat sheet to stand. Together, the flat sheet of metal transforms into an usable object

the beaten texture of the vase

Gives a cavity for the flower to rest in

Wea'ved Clothes Rack

Project done with Ng Wenxin and Francesca

Wea'ved clothes rack was conceived through exploration of the notion of what is a soft joint. Soft and flexible nylon strings held the wooden rod and surfaces together, creating a tension which results in a structure and function.

Wea'ved clothes rack

Wea'ved in use


Yeo Ker Siang


Yew Jing Yuan