23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Habiibah Aziz

"I do not see design as a luxury but rather the change a designer can potentially introduce into the overall atmosphere, resulting in a shift in people's behaviours and possibly achieving a sustainable lifestyle. In order to understand human progress from a different perspective and learn how these elements are translatable to my design practise, I immerse myself deeply into the culture when I am walking on a foreign land. Closely observing, listening and seeing."

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Designed by Habiibah:    


GuideMe is a simple and reliable handheld communication aid that promotes seamless and intuitive communication between the Deaf and the hearing for navigational and — if needed, emergency purposes. Easily recognisable pictograms and a simplified language are integrated into a unique foldable interface in order to make it convenient to handle, easy to use and most of all, easy to understand. The cardholder contributes to the product's compact and lightweight profile while the writing surface enables the user to write with their bare fingers or any blunt object. All without the use of any battery power whatsoever. Last but not least, the GuideMe website and mobile application provide the opportunity for the user to customize the printable interface according to their own needs and personal preference.

Unique Foldable Interface

Constructing sentences using pointing gesture

Writable surface that can be written using finger or sharp objects

Mobile Application that helps the user to customise their information beforehand to save time typing.

A website service that serves the user to customise their own information when travelling.

Skin Textiles

Our skin is a highly reactive medium, sensitive and reactive to external stimuli. Similarly, with the support of moulds and heat application, skin-inspired three-dimensional effects were applied onto the textiles to bring life the graphics printed on them, enhancing the quality of the graphics.


Travellers who are concerned of their baggages will have the access to track and find their baggages easily upon arrival, streamlining their journey through the domestic terminal. With the implementation of RFID technology, Lug system is a great opportunity for improvements and efficiency in airport and airline industry.


Charge system design constantly updates it’s clients on their expenditure thereby giving them means to spend accordingly. Charge provides immediate and interactive visual information on their credit card display and website so as to incite knowledgeable spending. Thus, consumers who are inexperienced in monitoring their spending will have more control over their expenditure.

The user can easily scan their fingerprint on their credit card to receive their expenditure details.

Alternatively they can log on to the website and retrieve their expenditure pattern in more detailed manner.

L'Oreal: Encasing

Encasing is a cosmetic booth concept that allows both a retail space and a form of packaging for the brand. The play of translucency and visual perspective creates an exclusive consumer experience. The design uses a modular system that allows flexibility in extending the size of the booth.


Felicia Clare Paul


Hon Sui Ming Raymond