23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Felicia Clare Paul

"To me design is the problem solving mechanism of the 21st century. I love problem solving and thinking creatively towards an end outcome that enhances the overall user experience. Making life better through design is what inspires me most and drives my passion for design. To enable people through design is my personal fulfilment."

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Designed by Felicia:    


Nurture is a new soft structured baby carrier that enables and encourages mothers to sustain their breastfeeding efforts past 2 months as they take breastfeeding to the public. By ensuring proper posture for the baby, the carrier ensures a proper latch which is crucial for when breastfeeding. The design allows for an easy switch from a carrying position to a breastfeeding position through the use of a drawstring mechanism, allowing mothers ease in bringing their baby to the breast. Nurture affords security and discretion, giving mothers the much needed confidence and encouraging them to sustain their breastfeeding efforts when breastfeeding in public.

Allowing mothers intimate time to bond with baby.

Nurture affords mothers the ease and confidence to breastfeed in public.

The hood is designed to afford discretion, while creating an intimate space for the mother and her baby.

Nurture's unique drawstring feature allows mothers to lower their baby to the level of the breast, allowing for a good breastfeeding experience in public.


A design where form follows function, the floss ensures material economy and ergonomics. The curves on the handle of the floss afford for placement of fingers, ensuring control and comfort. Design is applicable to even the smallest of things to enrich user experience.

Word Out

Word Out teaches pre-school children letters and spelling kinesthetically, by engaging their entire body. By twisting and forming alphabets with their body, kids experience the form of each alphabet interactively. Upon successful completion of the spelling of the word, children can sing-along to a song incorporating the word thereby committing it to memory in an enjoyable way.

Menu for the game, children can choose the words to spell from a range given

Both parents and children can enjoy learning together

Gets kids together for a fun-filled learning experience


UNORACING is about experiencing racing while cycling alone. With this design the 'Ghost racer' seen in virtual games is brought to life. Through the use of Arduino, we were able to use vibration motors and a light source to excite the sense of touch and sight to the thrill and energy of racing. Using speed and distance data of your last best cycling timing, you are now able to race against yourself in a fun and interactive way! If wifi enabled, cyclists in different areas from each other will be able to race against each other while cycling alone!

UNORACING! Experience racing while cycling alone

Arduino is used to control the vibration motors and light sensor according to speed and distance of the 'Ghost racer'. The primary idea is to race against yourself. Therefore the arduino would have an initial default setting of a distance of 5km and at a speed of 18km/hr. This is the initial 'ghost' against which you would race. After which, the arduino records your better data set and that would be the new mark against which you would next race.

Light sensor indicating that the Ghost is ahead. Vibration motors at the handle bars start to vibrate.


Chow Wai Tung Eason


Habiibah Binte Aziz