23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Eason Chow

"I am the kind of designer who may not have all the answers but i definitely know which questions to ask."

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Designed by Eason:    


Flipod simplifies bed rotation for non-ambulant patient to relieve respiratory & bed discomfort due to prolonged static positions while sleeping. This currently requires the supervision and help of the caretakers at the expense of their rest.

Due to stakeholder interest in the value and commercial viability of this project, it is currently undergoing a patent application process with the support of NUSDID. As such, project details are temporarily confidential.

Securing Flipod onto user simply by a velcro strap.

Gathering user feedback and making refinements from four week long trial.


Marrowtap is a redesign of the bone marrow examination instrument that aims to achieve a safer and more efficient procedure.

The introduction of a forceps needle and flesh guide serve to provide surgeons with better confidence in conducting the procedure. The forceps needle is able to grasp and remove the marrow sample before the main body of the instrument is removed from the patient, providing visual assurance and better error recovery in the procedure. The flesh guide ensures better stability in inserting the needle into the patient by serving as an anchor point to guide the drilling motion.

Designed with Karyn Lim.
Marrowtap is also a patented design with NUSDID & NUH.

Introducing marrowtap with a low cost test-kit of an bone marrow biopsy.

Forcep needle pinches onto specimen when it passes through a narrow tip.

Marrowtap introduces a forceps needle and flesh guide for better efficiency.



FireArc eliminates the concept of expiration to fire extinguishers by temporarily deactivating the chemical reaction that creates the necessary substance. It takes place only upon a simple twist during emergency, reducing the occurrence of expired conventional extinguishers due to lack of maintenance.
Finalist of Red Dot Concept Design Award 2013 and Spark Concept Design Award 2013

Firearc simplifies conventional fire extinguisher's usage to a simple twist.

Reactive compounds stored in vacuum separately significantly extends the extinguisher's shelf life.


+one Prosthetic Finger

The +one Prosthetic Finger reinvents the relatively stagnant field of cosmetic prosthetic fingers. Modern fabrication techniques like 3D scanning, printing and silicone casting allows the achievement of a prosthesis that is not only affordable, but relevant, functional and realistic

Designed with Nigel Geh , +one Prosthetic Finger is a patented design with NUSDID & NUH.
And Regional Finalist of James Dyson Concept Design Award 2013

Scanning of patients' finger on unaffected hand to obtain digital CAD file.

Digital mirroring of finger CAD and preparation of 3D printed mold.

Digital fabrication can process multiple jobs in a single print.

Silicone molding of the patient's prosthetic finger.

Overmolding with finger locking mechanism.



Loop educates the Qinghai community in building and maintaining their water purification system from localised materials such as PVC pipes & Coke bottles, while redesigning an ergonomic canvas water carrier for prolonged water transportation.

Loop is a simple system that comprises of a pump, a series of tubing that carries water into individual recycled coke bottles, and an ergonomic canvas water carrier.

Designed with Naroth Murali

User journey map for loop

Loop encourages cottage industries to build and maintain Loop for their community.

Finalist of "Hansgrohe Preis 2014: Efficient Water Design" Top 178 of 4060 entries.



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