23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Corina Tan

"My first love lies in branding and packaging but ultimately, curiousity and human connection is what drives design for me. An achievement for me would be using my design to tell a story and consequently, putting a smile on people's faces."

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Designed by Corina:    

The Last of Me

The Last Of Me is a service designed to increase our acceptance of death and decrease our fear of it through the idea of planning.

It enables up to leave our last words for our loved ones in the form of an art print, through a service. It starts with an ipad application to help us design the print, a service database to store the print and it searches death registers from governments and public organisations for a match from our database. After the user’s death is verified, the recipient is then informed and their delivery details are confirmed. We will then deliver the art print to the recipient.

Different sizes are available for the final art print

Various methods of packaging and its contents

Service touchpoints


Laptops are now the tool of choice for work due to its portability and convenience, and people often carry them around for both work and play. Built for the nomad worker, STITX aims to bring desktop clutter to a minimal and keep you organized, even when working on-the-go. Packing many felted pockets into one entity allows for different combinations of our everyday items.

Designed with Chew Jiaying & Albert Lee, in collaboration with UYII

The ipad Stitx

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HUT (Hysteroscopy Uterus Training) is a low-cost training program that comprises of a simulator, replicated and modified instruments, abnormalities (septum, fibroids, polyps) and a guidebook. It was designed to give resident doctors adequate practice and evaluation in their mental models, wayfinding/navigation, diagnostic and surgical techniques.

Designed with Felicia Clare Paul & DIC

Hysteroscopy is the inspection of the uterine cavity by endoscopy with access through the cervix

Simulator, instruments, abnormalities

Using the simulator and instrument

Attaching abnormalities (polyps, fibroids, septums)

Comparison of simulator abnormalities with real-life abnormalities


With ‘PLAY’ in mind, this idea stemmed from the observation that elevation seemed to make people feel happier and being elevated seemed to exude playfulness.

This table comes in two parts: the tabletop and the legs. The user can arrange in in any height and configuration they wish. The use of primary shapes and bold colours highlight the simple innocence of the final product, which we hope will emphasize the play factor.

Designed with Joanne Low, in collaboration with Studio Juju

It starts with a plank of wood...

add on the different shapes to elevate it!

Any colour, shape, height.. it's up to you!

You can even do it with friends..

and use it as a table or a seating area. Have fun!


In this digital age, many people spend up to 14 hours in front of the computer daily and this has led to many eye illnesses.

Together with the observation that hands/elbows are always in contact with the edge of a workspace table, we were interested in changing physical human behaviors with technology.

This led to BOB, a wireless friendly and intuitive time-based physical advisor. Leaving it at your workspace, it will start rocking at a one hour mark, to remind you that it is time to rest your eyes (based on Carnegie-Mellon's recommendation). BOB functions on a swinging weight mechanism, together with capacitive touch sensors.


Designed with Russell Chew, Rachel Goh

This is Bob

Inner Mechanism

Bob, in use

Bob & Sensor Strip & Sensor


Seth Chiam Yiak Kwang


Xiao Qing Yu