23 May 2014, 1830 - 2100 hrs

24 - 25 May 2014, 1030 - 2100 hrs

The Plaza, National Library of Singapore

Afzal Imram

"Though trained as an Industrial Designer, I find it hard to categorise myself because my interests go beyond Industrial Design. As a designer, I am interested in the experiences fostered through design, be it the design of an object, a service, an interface or even a brand."

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Designed by Afzal:    

Reimagining Connections in Furniture

This collection of furniture, made up of a chair, Willow, a cabinet, Sofia, and a light, Eva, is a result of an investigation into connections in furniture and inspired by various elements of fashion. This collection aims to illustrate the notion of instinctive and familiar experiences of interaction with furniture, whilst evoking a certain sense of sensuality and tension, through the interaction between the fabric and the structure.

This is Willow, a chair that envelops you in fabric and allows you to manipulate it to suit your desires.

This is Sophia, a cabinet that teases from within a stretchy fabric. Interacting with it is simple: zip it up to close, or unzip it to expose what's inside.

This is Eva, a seductive atmospheric lamp that you can dress up or down. Slide the fabric over the structure to conceal or reveal certain parts of the lamp and alter the diffusion of the light.


Oasis is a system of office partitions inspired by natural geographies to soften an urban environment and better the well being of the workers. Through the use of Tyvek® sheets, the partitions react to movement within the office, rustling and swaying.

This project was done together with Albert Lee, under the guidance of Studio JUJU.

This is an illustration of how the partitions could be used in an office space. The flaps on the partitions would move and sway in response to people walking past them.

The Outside Inside from Afzal Imram on Vimeo.


This collection of tabletop accessories, designed for d.lab, is my response to the trend of wireframes in furniture. I was interested in the possibility of turning the 3D into 2D and having this visual play affect how one experiences these objects.

Les Raconteurs

Les Raconteurs is a board game based on undeciphered archaeological drawings found in Burkina Faso, and was showcased in an art exhibition, Objection, in Paris in 2013. Through the composition of stories, this game encourages players to interpret, thus participating in the effort to understand, these symbols.

Yves Sanou, the archaeologist whose research is the basis of the project, looks at Les Raconteurs on display at the Objection exhibition.


Ang Shun Qiang Kenneth